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Annual General Meeting of Ballarat Regional Tourism Inc.

Members and guests are invited to the Annual General Meeting of Ballarat Regional Tourism Inc.  at 5pm Thursday 12th September 2019, at Housey Housey, 12 Armstrong St South Ballarat. 

Be updated on the future directions of our organisation and the opportunity to stay involved in representing the tourism and hospitality sector as we evolve into the future.

What is going to happen to my listing on the website?

We have an agreement to keep the Made of Ballarat website live until at least the 31st of October. It will revert to being a campaign website, which means the traffic will flow organically, or when a campaign is on. Your listing is derived from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. Your listing is fed through the ATDW. We will keep all products live until the campaigns finish on 31st October. By then we will have clarity of the future of the Made of Ballarat Campaigns.

What is going to happen to my brochure in the VIC?

The COB will be looking after the day-to-day operations of the Ballarat Information Centre. The information and brochures will be highly important to run the VIC, so BRT are working with Council to ensure all lines of information, including brochures, are staying with our VIC staff and valued volunteers

What is my ROI?

The best momentum is gathered when we’re all rowing in the same direction. In this interim stage, we appreciate that it will be difficult to directly measure the ROI of the membership. Only you can decide whether having independent representation of your industry sector make sense for you and the vision you have for your business.

Who can I report too?

In the interim, please feel free to liaise with Visit Ballarat staff for any questions or concerns about the program. All staff are aware of the program and the benefits of Investing with BRT. Otherwise, all emails can be directed to and someone will address any questions or concerns you may have

Where will you be located?

An office has not been determined yet. Until September 30th, our offices will still be located at the Town Hall (225 Sturt Street, Ballarat Central). Once a new office has been determined, we will ensure that this is communicated with all valued members

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