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04 Jan 2018

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As Holly Titheridge enters Ballarat’s iconic Mitchell Harris Wine Bar, her sense of glamour, elegance and style permeates the space.

Perhaps it’s because of her Ballarat upbringing, or how she was raised from childhood. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But her poise isn’t accompanied by even the slightest hint of elitism.

The same can be said about her partner-in-crime and romance, and fellow style royal Shaun Lyle.

Born and raised in Ballarat, Holly and Shaun met during their high school years. She attended one of the city’s esteemed private schools. He studied at the neighbouring all-boys college.

“We both had similar interests,” Holly tells. “It wasn’t necessarily fashion related, but fashion definitely became one of our shared interests over time.”

Holly Titheridge is the face and mind behind the iconic lifestyle and photography blog Base Colour (BC). Having garnered a loyal following of more than 160,000 over two years, the Instagram account and accompanying website offer fashion, beauty and style inspiration for ladies (and men) across Australia and overseas.

Having studied teaching at university, Holly never imagined she would be making a living out of working in the social media space. In fact, it wasn’t until someone requested her Media Kit that she realised teaching might not be her calling – not just yet.

“I didn’t intend to go down this path,” Holly says. “While I was at university, I got into Instagram and started posting outfits and other stuff. People would ask questions about some of my posts, and then fashion brands wanted to send me products to feature on my account.

“I became hesitant to jump into a full-time teaching role because I saw this opportunity evolving. It all happened really organically.”

While Shaun also has his own personal Instagram account focused on men’s fashion and style, he only hopped on the Base Colour bandwagon at the start of this year, forfeiting his five-year gig as an accountant. But his skillset in business and numbers makes him a valuable asset for the ever-growing and fast-developing world of BC.

“I focus on the business side of things and the photography while Holly looks after the design,” he says. “We really play to each other’s strengths.”

While the couple is based in Ballarat, they spend most of their days traveling to Melbourne and Sydney to collaborate with the latest fashion and lifestyle brands.

“A lot of brands want that street-style of photography these days rather than the typical studio style or catalogue-shoot. That’s what engages customers,” Shaun says.

“There’s a creative side to it all. The brands we work with give us their products but we set the creative direction ourselves. And we only work with brands that we believe in, otherwise people can see through it and see that we are only in it for the money, which we’re not.”

Holly and Shaun have worked with some of the most-loved labels from Australia and overseas, including Viktoria and Woods, Loewe, Country Road, Seed, Tony Bianco, and French Connection – to name a tiny few. But as Holly says, the aim of Base Colour isn’t to encourage people to shop designer but to provide style inspiration.

 “Everything we do is based on the less is more principle and showing that through our photography and our aesthetic. Our brand is minimal and basic and there’s not a lot of colour in our styling. That’s how we have built our brand and we’ve been true to it.

“We feel like we live in a suitcase half the time, but I love doing it,” Holly adds.

Celebrating their seven year anniversary as a couple this year, Holly and Shaun are not only invested in each other as business partners, but as life partners. The pair recently purchased a parcel of land in Ballarat which will soon house their very own chateau.

 “I love living in Ballarat,” Shaun says. “It offers a great outlet from the hustle and bustle in the city. It allows us to take a step back and focus on growing Base Colour, and it really allows us time to think creatively and to really plan for how we see our business developing over the next couple years.”

Holly agrees.

”We love the relaxed lifestyle here and we do so much work in Melbourne that it’s nice to come back to Ballarat, take a walk around the lake, and just relax,” she says.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

To find out more about Holly and Sean and all things Base colour click HERE

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