From pond to pan, paddock to plate

plantMakers & Growers

The age-old practice of hunting and gathering is at the heart of Smeaton’s Tuki Trout Farm. Robert Jones likens his role at Tuki Trout Farm...

The man behind the flowers

plantMakers & Growers

One moment, Richard McClure was wrking in Melbourne’s corporate sector, the next, he was the owner of a flower farm in his hometown Ballarat. This...

Seasons of change

plantMakers & Growers

The Final Words with Julie McLaren Being a curator at the Art Gallery of Ballarat is more than just a job for Julie McLaren. Because...

Spilt Milk Festival

One of Australia’s favourite music, food and art festivals is coming to Ballarat this November with its biggest line-up yet. Spilt Milk will unveil its...

Meet the kid from the sticks who became a t-shirt-loving artist of international acclaim

plantMakers & Growers

The Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, Blink 182, Ballarat. What do they have in common? Ballarat local Travis Price, the artist behind some of...

From llama farmer to SAORI weaver

plantMakers & Growers

It may seem a long way from an old wooden school house, at the centre of a hamlet, in the midst of the Japanese mountains....

Keeping up with the Joneses

knife-forkFood & Drink

His Catfish Thai Restaurant was awarded a hat by the Australian Good Food Guide three years in a row. Then chef Damien Jones closed the...

Bringing photography into focus


Meet the woman on a mission to make Ballarat a global cultural destination – Ballarat International Foto Biennale director Fiona Sweet. TAKE US THROUGH YOUR...

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